February 20-22, 2025  •  Hilton Midtown  •  New York, NY

Adrenal Function: A Guide to Recover, Reset and Rebalance

Sponsored Lunch & Learn Presentation

Adrenal Function: A Guide to Recover, Reset, and Rebalance

Thursday, February 23
12:00pm – 1:30pm

Increasing rates of reported stress are contributing to the progression of compromised health states and affecting up to 60% of Americans today. Changes in our health profiles can be attributed to a lack of system resiliency normally coordinated by the Adrenal System and the HPA axis.  A balanced adrenal system is foundational for maintaining healthy responses to stress and feelings of anxiousness, along with supporting healthy energy, sleep and immune responses and even reproductive health. When these systems are not optimally balanced nor able to recover, compromised immune and inflammatory responses can occur – which, in turn, lead to poor health outcomes.* In this session, we’ll review how and why resiliency of the Adrenal System axis is critical and how nutritional interventions can help Reset the neuroendocrine network, Recover adrenal function and Rebalance immune, endocrine and metabolic responses.

Learning Objective #1: Understand multiple system coordination and influence of the Adrenal System and metabolic & hormonal influences of health.*

Learning Objective #2: Define and understand the three critical Rs of adrenal health: Recover, Reset, Rebalance. And learn how the HPA axis, immune responses, and inflammatory pathways are all interconnected in their influence on the adrenal function network.*

Learning Objective #3: Discover how non-hemp solutions can more efficiently support the CBD endocannabinoid system and help moderate chronic stress-induced fatigue and compromised health states.*

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