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First Last Credentials Conflicts of Interest
Peter Bongiorno ND, LAc None Listed
David Brady ND, DC, CCN, DACBN, IFMCP Officer/Director: Designs for Health Inc.
Officer/Director:  Diagnostic Solutions Lab, LLC
Ownership:  Diagnostic Solutions Lab, LLC
Marc Bubbs ND, MSC, CISSN, CSCS None Listed
Aly Cohen MD, FACR None Listed
Tania Dempsey MD, ABIHM Stocks: Xymogen Supplement Company
Aarati Didwania MD, MSCI None Listed
Karen Erickson DC None Listed
Joel Evans MD Consultant/Advisor: Nutridyn
Senior Advisor to CEO- The Institute For Functional Medicine
Nicola Finley MD None Listed
Kara Fitzgerald ND, IFMCP A for-profit app version of study built to facilitate participant-funded research.
James Gordon MD None Listed
Marc Grossman MS, RN, PMHCNS, NC-BC None Listed
Kevin Hill MD, MHS Consultant/Advisor: Greenwich Biosciences, Hazelden
Other: Wolters Kluwer (Author)
Mark Houston M.D., M.S., MSC, ABAARM, FAARM, FACP, FAHA, FASH, FACN, DABC None Listed
Yael Joffe PHD, RD, FACN Founder & CSO of 3×4 Genetics
Meg Jordan PHD, RN, NBC-HWC None Listed
Petros Levounis MD None Listed
Catherine Pipas MD, MPH None Listed
Betsy Redmond PhD, MMSc, RD Employee of Diagnostic Solutions Labratory
Melinda Ring MD, FACP, ABOIM None Listed
Robert Rountree MD Speakers Bureau & Consultant/Advisor: HealthTech; Balchem/Albion; Medical Advisor: Thorne HealthTech
Tara Scott MD, FACOG, FAAFM, ABOIM, CNMP None Listed
William Seeds MD None Listed
Neil Skolnik MD Speaker – AstraZeneca, Boehringer Ingelheim, Lilly, GSK, Bayer;
Advisor – AstraZeneca, Teva, Lilly, Boehringer Ingelheim, Sanofi, Sanofi Pasteur, GSK, Bayer, Abbott, Genentech; Researcher – Sanofi, AstraZeneca, Boehringer Ingelheim, GSK, Bayer, Novo Nordisk
Roberta Stanhope ARNP, PMH, CNS, BC None Listed
Aaron Sutton LCSW, BCD, CAADC None Listed
Aristo Vojdani PhD, MSc, CLS Salary, Stock: Immunosciences Lab., Inc. Consultant: Cyrex Labs., LLC
Hedy Wald MD None Listed
Reid Winick D.D.S None Listed
Jay Winner MD None Listed
Andrew Wong MD None Listed
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