September 18-20, 2021 | New York Hilton, NY

Integrative Approaches to Depression and Anxiety

Session Description:

Victoria will address the physiologic roots of depression and anxiety from cytokine, to LPS and gut microbiome imbalances, to systemic inflammation. There will be a focus on both the science and the practical through the discussion of diagnosis and testing, nutrition and supplement interventions used. Practitioners will take away the key, actionable pearls they can use in practice on Monday morning.



Learning Objectives:

  1. Root causes of depression and anxiety,
  2. Top supplements and lifestyle recommendations for depression and anxiety

Victoria Albina, FNP-c, MPH Victoria Albina is a UCSF-trained Family Nurse Practitioner, Herbalist, Life Coach. She earned her Masters degree in Public Health from Boston University School of Public Health and a BA in Latin American Studies from Oberlin College. Her background in health and wellness expands over 20 years and her passion is in helping women to heal mind, body and spirit. In addition to managing her own practice and speaking at various wellness events throughout the year, Victoria writes on many wellness topics and hosts a weekly podcast, Feminist Wellness, the only podcast that combines functional medicine, life coaching, and feminism to teach smart women how to reclaim their power and restore their health.


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