September 18-20, 2021 | New York Hilton, NY

Move Over Hormones, Peptides Are Here

Session Description:

Confused or curious about peptides? This introductory peptide lecture is for you! Dr. Kent Holtorf, recognized thought leader on peptides, will demystify the topic of peptides and provide real-world training on how to use peptides in your practice. With peptides becoming a foundational part of many integrative practices, this lecture is designed to get you up to speed on what you need to know and what you need to do to help your patients and your practice.  While many physicians pay thousands of dollars for short primers on how to use peptides, this lecture is absolutely free.


Learning Objectives:

  1. To understand how peptides differ from hormones,
  2. To understand the basic major clinical classes of peptides, including Immune Modulating, Rejuvenating, Sleep, Brain/Nootropics, Antimicrobial, Mitochondrial/Energy, Growth Hormone Releasing, Melanotropic (libido/weight loss/tanning) and others,
  3.  To understand which peptides are effective when given orally, including BPC-157, Thymosin beta 4 fragment Ac-SDKP fragment and Epitalon,
  4. To understand the wide range of local and systemic healing effects of oral BPC-157,
  5. To understand the similarities and differences between Thymosin beta 4 and Thymosin beta 4 fragment Ac-SDKP,
  6. To understand the antiaging effects of Epitalon,
  7. To understand the synergistic effects between the different peptides, peptides and hormones, peptides and stem cell/exosome products, peptides and supplements and peptides and medications,
  8. To understand how to start using peptides in your practice safely and effectively to improve patient outcomes and boost center revenue within days of the lecture

Dr. Kent Holtorf, MD is the medical director of the Holtorf Medical Group (, Chief Medical Officer of Integrative Peptides  ( and a founder and director of the non-profit National Academy of Hypothyroidism (NAH) (, which is dedicated to dissemination of new evidence-based information to doctors and patients on the diagnosis and treatment of hypothyroidism and advanced integrative diagnostic and treatment protocols.

He has personally trained numerous physicians across the country in the use of bioidentical hormones, hypothyroidism, peptide therapy, stem cell therapy, complex endocrine dysfunction and innovative treatments of chronic fatigue syndrome, weight loss, fibromyalgia and chronic infectious diseases, including Lyme and related diseases. Lyme and associated diseases have been the focus of the Holtorf Medical Group centers and have been a passion of Dr. Holtorf’s for over 15 years. Dr. Holtorf is a guest editor and peer-reviewer for several medical journals, including Endocrine, Postgraduate Medicine and Pharmacy Practice.
Dr. Holtorf has published a number of peer-reviewed endocrine reviews, including on the safety and efficacy of bioidentical hormones, inaccuracies of standard thyroid testing, testosterone replacement for men and women, the diagnosis and treatment of growth hormone deficiency and on the diagnosis, treatment of adrenal dysfunction in chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia, peripheral thyroid hormone conversion and its impact on TSH and metabolic activity and the clinical applications of thyroid hormone transport into cellular tissue. He has helped to demonstrate that much of the long-held dogma in endocrinology and infectious disease is inaccurate. He has lectured for prestigious medical societies across the United States and worldwide. He is a fellowship lecturer for the American Board of Anti-aging Medicine and was the Endocrinology Expert for AOL Health. He is a contributing author to Denis Wilson’s just published Evidenced- Based Approach to Restoring Thyroid Health.
He has been a featured guest on numerous TV and radio shows, including CNBC, ABC News, CNN, EXTRA TV, Discovery Health, The Learning Channel, The Today Show, The Doctors, Dr. Dean Edell, CBS News, RT News, Glenn Beck, Nancy Grace, Fox Business, ESPN, Rush Limbaugh, CBS Sunday Morning, Sean Hannity, So Cal News and quoted in numerous print media including the Wall Street Journal, Los Angeles Times, US News and World Report, San Francisco Chronicle (front page), WebMD, Health, Elle, Better Homes and Garden, US Weekly, Forbes, Cosmopolitan, New York Daily News, Self magazine among many others.



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