2021 Edition Postponed | New York Hilton, NY

Creating an Acupressure-based program in a Boston Institute

Feb 22 2020
10:45 am - 12:00 pm
Gibson Suite
Shanna Sullivan RN, MSN, AGCNS-BC
Eileen Kelly Vallatini RN

Healthcare providers are chronically under high stress in their everyday practice. Chronic stress reduces resiliency and creates imbalance in the body-mind-spirit. Providers roles to create healing relationships with patients is negatively impacted. Teaching and supporting integrative strategies to mitigate the negative impact of stress and to support the body’s innate healing abilities is an effective way to improve both provider self-care and patient care.

The purpose of this workshop is to share the process for creating this successful and innovative program at a Harvard-affiliated institution and to teach foundational knowledge and skills of acupressure for self-care. Participants learn simple, yet powerful techniques to reduce anxiety, relieve stress and re-balance basic energies.
The outcomes of our ‘Acupressure for Self-care’ workshop (2016 – present) and the acupressure-based ‘Flu Shot Anxiety?’ instructional video project (2018) will be shared.
To date 50 nurses have attended the workshop and their reflections illustrate our program goals:
• “Very useful quick techniques to help relieve stress and anxiety”
• “Definitely a new tool in my nursing tool box”
• “I was reminded if I’m at my best (self-care) my nursing practice will be at its best”

Symposium participants will have an opportunity to learn both the process for creating this workshop and the techniques taught. based on the principles of acupressure, mindful movement and the teachings of current energy medicine pioneers for creating a healing environment for self and others.
Teaching the integration of Acupressure-based Self-care techniques to nurses and other healthcare providers is a powerful strategy to help manage stress, anxiety and promote healing.

Learning Objectives:
  1. Participants will be able to summarize the foundational healing principles of acupressure-based methods.
  2. The participants will be about to discuss the current science around acupressure and acupressure-related therapies.
  3. The participants will be able to examine how an acupressure-based self-care program was developed for staff at this cancer center.
  4. The participant will be able to practice basic self-care acupressure techniques to ease anxiety and empower a sense of well-being.
Track Name: IHS NY 2020
Session Date: Feb 22 2020 10:45 am – 12:00 pm
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