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Geri Brewster RD, MPH, CDN, PC

Geri Brewster RD, MPH, CDN, PC

Functional and Integrative Registered Dietitian-Nutritionist - Geri Brewster RD, MPH, CDN, PC


Geri Brewster RD, MPH, CDN, PC is a Nutritionist and Private Practice Founder based in Mt. Kisco, NY. Since February 1991, she has built, developed, and managed her growing 2000+ patient practice where she provides medical nutrition counseling to patients of all ages. 

Geri began her clinical career specializing in pediatric and young-adult developmental disabilities, including metabolic and gastrointestinal disorders; specialized tube feedings; dysphagia; autism; behavioral, attention, sensory and oral-motor integration disorders; and eating disorders. Over the years her practice expanded to include all aspects of special diets and nutrient supplementation for optimization of health for both acute and chronic disease and for all age groups.

She is a member of Dietitians inIntegrative and Functional Medicine and was their 2013 recipient of Excellence in Practice Award. Geri served as an adjunct professor for the University of Bridgeport's Masters in Nutrition program for several years. She is the former Director of Nutrition at the Atkins Center for Complementary Medicine in NYC and currently assists families in the implementation of the Modified Atkins Diet for seizure control.

A long time advocate with the Better School Food movement, and currently a volunteer with her local NAA group and Autism One, Geri speaks frequently on a local and national level on the subjects of children’s health and nutritional needs. She is a contributor to a number of publications and has been quoted in numerous newspaper and magazine articles as well as featured on numerous radio and TV appearances discussing health topics.

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Feb 20 2020
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