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Martha Eddy RSMT/E, CMA, DEP

Martha Eddy RSMT/E, CMA, DEP


.Dr. Martha Eddy, RSMT/E, CMA, DEP exercise physiologist, is an author, researcher and world-wide lecturer and the Geraldine Ferraro Fellow at Marymount Manhattan College where she coordinates the Body, Science and Motion program in affiliation with the Bio-Medical and the Dance majors. Her book Mindful Movement the Evolution of the Somatic Arts and Conscious Action addresses the history of the somatic field and neuro-motor challenges, plus newer trajectories of eco-somatics, socio somatics, & peace education/violence prevention. She has also held positions in Kinesiology, Dance and BodyMind Cultural Studies at Columbia University, NYU, Princeton, San Francisco State University and SUNY over the past 35 years.  She is best known for her work in paediatrics and in overcoming the side-effects to medical treatment of life-threatening diseases and trauma through somatic movement, dance and exercise. She created the ISMETA approved Somatic Movement Therapy Training in 1990 and rebranded as Dynamic Embodiment in 2002. Applications of Dynamic Embodiment can be found at www.MovingForLife.org and Center For Kinesthetic EducationMoving For Life, Inc founding in 1999, is a non-profit providing free dance classes for older adults and people of all ages affected by cancer that has been featured on major networks and WNPR.

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