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Reid Winick, D.D.S.

Reid Winick, D.D.S.

Member/Founder - Dentistry For Health New York


Dr. Reid L. Winick, D.D.S. is a graduate of New York University College of Dentistry. He has extensive experience in Biological Dentistry, as well as the Oral Systemic Link and in TMJ Dysfunction and Craniofacial Disorders. Dr. Winick is the founder and president of Dentistry for Health New York, a green and sustainable dental practice designed as a haven for overall wellness. He is committed to the environment and to the health and wellness of his patients’ mind, body, and spirit. Dr. Winick’s whole-body program of Sustainable Dentistry treats the patient as a human ecosystem. With the right conditions, the mouth can heal on its own and remain disease free. Patients from all over the world seek out Dr. Winick’s personalized treatment programs regarding sustainable dental treatments in order to save their teeth without painful gum surgery and extractions. Patients report that Dr. Winick’s sustainable dental wellness programs have virtually eliminated their need for periodontal surgery, dental implants and have improved their overall wellness. Dr. Winick is past co-founder and director of the Facial Pain/TMD Clinic at NY Eye & Ear Infirmary. He has completed numerous continuing education courses with an emphasis on Sustainable Dentistry, the Oral Systemic Link, TMJ Dysfunction & Cervical Dysfunction, Sleep Apnea, Neural Therapy and Biological Dentistry. Dr. Winick was a segment co-host for a nationally syndicated radio show called, “A Safe Kiss.” He was currently co-hosting the cable show, “Sustainable Dentistry: A Better Way,” on Manhattan Cable, Channel 57. In addition, Dr. Reid Winick is a national lecturer to medical doctors and other health care providers about the Oral Systemic Link, Sustainable Dentistry, TMJ Dysfunction, and Head, Neck & Facial Pain. A Personal Note From Dr. Winick: “For nearly 25 years I’ve devoted my life and my practice to using wellness, natural solutions together with the latest technologies in the practice of dentistry. Using all the knowledge and skills of conventional dental medicine — along with disciplines of alternative, holistic dental therapies — we strive to provide our patients with biocompatible, aesthetic, comfortable, functional, and enduring dental and prosthetic placements. I am incredibly motivated to make a positive impact in the world by empowering and inspiring people to create overall wellness through specific sustainable dental principles. I am against our medical/dental industry treating people like they are machines – telling them they are broken and need to have their teeth or other body parts removed to repair them. What I stand for is teaching people to understand and follow the same natural laws that govern nature, which will carry them to a sustainable lifestyle and optimal wellness through dentistry. I believe people need to be treated like a whole organism that will heal and survive if given the right ingredients to thrive. Why settle for the status quo, you deserve greatness and to be free of disease? It is my honor to help you realize your highest health potential so that you can achieve a life full of optimal wellness and everything you desire.”

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