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Ronald Sherman MD, MSc, DTM&H

Ronald Sherman MD, MSc, DTM&H

Director and Board Chair - BioTherapeutics, Education & Research (BTER) Foundation


Ronald Sherman MD, MSc, DTM&H earned degrees in Entomology and Medicine, before going on to study Tropical Medicine at the University of London. Long interested in maggot therapy, he initiated the first clinical trials of maggot therapy for wound healing during his fellowship in infectious diseases, 1989-1991. Dr. Sherman joined the faculty at UC Irvine to study maggot biochemistry, where he also continued to produce medicinal maggots for therapists throughout the western hemisphere. Dr. Sherman was a founding member of the International Biotherapy Society, and the BioTherapeutics, Education & Research (BTER) Foundation. In those roles, he has developed scores of biotherapy educational programs for therapists, patients, and the public at large. He is credited with getting FDA marketing clearance for the first live animal, and continues to advocate for other medicinal animals as well. Dr. Sherman retired from the University of California in 2008, but still teaches, does research, and shares his medicinal maggots. In order to minimize conflicts of interest, he chooses to provide his biotherapy work and teaching pro bono. He earns his living in an unrelated field, working 1 or 2 days per week providing medical care for uninsured HIV/AIDS patients at the county health department.

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