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Tereza Hubkova MD

Tereza Hubkova MD

Integrative Physician - AdventHealth


Dr. Tereza Hubkova MD, board-certified in internal medicine as well as integrative and holistic medicine, has been compassionately helping patients maintain or reclaim their health through healthy lifestyle, natural approaches, as well as the best of “Western medical practices”. She seeks to get to the root of health issues through thorough, unrushed attention to the patient’s story, targeted examination and help of advanced medical testing where appropriate. She has studied variety of healing traditions and techniques and has been actively promoting healthy lifestyle for over a decade. She believes that attention to our spiritual side is as important as attention to our organs, and that getting to really know and understand the person seeking her help rather than just treating the diagnoses, is what true healing is all about.

Over the last ten years, Dr. Hubkova has been working as an integrative specialist and lecturer for Canyon Ranch in Lenox, MA, focusing on healthy lifestyle, integrative approach to digestive health, brain health, women’s health and healthy weight, spearheading Women’s Health & Wellness Summit and “Gut Health” feature events. Dr. Hubkova was born in Czech republic, participated in the Velvet revolution that took down communism and through education she continues passionately inspiring others in improving not only their own health, but also making the world a safer, happier and healthier place to live for future generations. Dr. Hubkova lives with her husband and a 7 year old daughter, dog and two kittens in a tiny country house with a garden full of vegetables and happy bunnies.

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Adaptogens, Nootropics and Herbs for A Healthier Brain

Feb 20 2020
1:30 pm - 2:45 pm
Grand Ballroom East
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