September 18-20, 2021 | New York Hilton, NY

Structure, Function and the Human Cell: A Logical Approach to Health and the Future of Prevention

Session Description: Dr. Johnston will discuss the role of our current Western healthcare and life on the fatty acid balance. This talk will provide insights into the role of fatty acids in chronic conditions.  Dr. Johnston will review the role of omega 3 testing and cognitive testing to help personalize the needs of patient and determine the role of omega-3 and other nutrients to support the patient’s need. Dan Johnston, MD, MPH, is a  retired Lieutenant Colonel who has served in the US Pentagon, White House, Army Surgeon General’s office, Iraq, Kuwait, and Korea and the CEO at BrainSpan.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Describe the fundamental flaw in the current model of prevention within the US healthcare system framework.
  2. Discuss the conditions that have led to a nutritional crisis in the area of cell fatty acids in the Western world and what could be the potential impact of this widespread epidemic.
  3. Understand the role of cell dysfunction in disease pathogenesis and what is the most common cause of cell dysfunction today.
  4. Describe the role of the plasma membrane in organ function and what role specific dietary fatty acids have in producing healthy membrane function…what is meant by membrane fluidity?
  5. Discuss how neurons specifically are impacted by improper fatty acid content.
  6. Describe and understand the scientific evidence around specific chronic disease pathology and the role of fatty acid imbalances.
  7. Understand the different methods used to test for fatty acids and why that is important to know clinically.
  8. Apply an understanding of the role of the brain and brain function in health and quality of life and how important nutrition is in brain function.
  9. Become familiar with predictive analytics and normative scoring comparisons in cognitive function testing their role in patient engagement. Appreciate the importance of patient engagement in the area of prevention and testing.
  10. Appreciate the connection between the health of the cell, the health of the brain and the overall health of the individual.

Speaker bio:

Bio LTC Daniel T. Johnston, MD, MPH is board certified by the American Board of Preventive Medicine and serves currently for the Army Surgeon General and performs clinical duties at the US Pentagon in Executive Medicine (disclaimer: these opinions are my own and do not necessarily reflect those of the US Army or US Government)(Retired on July 1st, 2018). He has served in the US Army for almost 20 years in a variety of clinical, research, operational and educational assignments. Assignments at the Pentagon, White House, Iraq, Korea and beyond led him to change his view of health from absence of disease to optimal brain-body coherence and functional capacity at the cellular/neuron level. Working closely with Dr. Bill Harris who had perfect RBC fatty acid analysis as a marker of tissue levels, he was the first to conduct a study in Iraq leading to a peer reviewed publication demonstrating the massive epidemic of fatty acid deficiencies in the US, particularly young people, and the link of cellular Omega-3 EPA/DHA Index status to cognitive health. Working with Dr. Bill Harris, Dr. Johnston built upon an advanced, validated red cell, finger stick dried blood spot collection method into a full clinical decision support tool that combines functional analysis of the brain so blood data is seen through the lens of functional implications. He also founded Brain Span (clinical decision support tool based on fatty acid blood status and brain function) that works with leading clinical nutritional companies to drive patient awareness, compliance and adherence critical to improved outcomes. Dr. Johnston and Bryan Hixson were the first to develop an age based, weighted algorithm leveraging predictive analysis to paint a picture of a patient’s longevity and quality of “brain” life based on Omega-3 EPA/DHA status and cognitive function over a specific time frame and 2-3 individual tests .

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