February 23-25, 2023 | New York Hilton, NY
The 2019 Pre-Conference took place on Wednesday, February 20, 2019

The New Frontier in Natural Medicine: Tocotrienols, CBD, Liposomes, and Geranylgeraniol

Wednesday, February 20, 2019 | 8:00am – 5:00pm

Location: Regent Parlor

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Pre-Conference Description:The ever-shifting landscape of research and natural medicine provides both challenges and unique opportunities for clinicians. Emerging evidence sheds light on new compounds and technologies for effective intervention and outcomes. Join Designs For Health, a leader in the functional medicine space for a cutting-edge pre-conference session highlighting novel compounds and innovative protocols for clinical application. This dynamic day-long event will feature key opinion leaders steeped in the science and application of nutrients and extracts that are changing the way practitioners approach patient care. In this interactive session, attendees will learn the evidence basis around tocotrienols, phytocannabinoids, liposomes, and geranylgeraniol, with engaging presentations and clinical rounds for translating the research into practice.

Learning Objectives: 

  1. Participants will be able to discuss the important health applications of tocotrienol, the 21st century vitamin E.
  2. Participants will be able to explain geranylgeraniol, an endogenous nutrient that is essential for protein and terpenoid synthesis, and has physiological functions to correct deficiencies, with the ability to correct hormonal imbalance (by increasing testosterone and progesterone) and manage pain.
  3. Participants will be able to explain the physiology of the mammalian endocannabinoid system (ECS), particularly as a messaging system for biological activity.
  4. Participants will be able to identify the primary therapeutic benefits within the ECS through the use of phytocannabinoids.
  5. Participants will be able to describe the pharmacology and potential efficacy of the non-psychoactive phytocannabinoid cannabidiol (CBD) as a therapeutic treatment, including safety profile, drug interactions, dose recommendations.
  6. Participants will be able recognize, select and assemble the up-to-date scientific resources on CBD therapy to provide appropriate patient counseling and care through this evolving industry.
  7. Participants will be able to discuss measures of bioavailability and how to evaluate lipid nanoparticle efficacy.
  8. Participants will be able to discuss different types of lipid nanoparticles (e.g. liposomes, nanoemulsions, micelles) and how to recognize quality in products.
  9. Participants will be able to explain the pharmacokinetic profiles of lipid nanoparticle products.
  10. Participants will be able to apply evidence-based aspects of these novel compounds and technologies to clinical intervention and protocol for presenting patients.

Designs for Health Pre-Conference Agenda

8:30-8:45 Welcome
Speaker: Jason Bosley-Smith, MS, LDN, CNS, FDN

8:45-10:00 Tocotrienols and Geranylgeraniol in Cancer and Aging
Speaker: Barrie Tan, PhD

10:00-10:15 Break

10:15-11:30 Navigating Phytocannabinoids in Clinical Care
Speaker: Alex Capano, DNP

11:30-12:30 Lunch

12:30-1:45 Leveraging Liposomals for Advanced Nutrient Delivery
Speaker: Chris Shade, PhD

1:45-2:45 Application to Clinical Practice
Speaker: Rebecca Murray, APRN, FNP, MSN, CDE

2:45-3:00 Break

3:00-3:45 Protocols For Complex Patient Populations
Speaker: Michael Jurgelewicz, DC, DACBN, DCBCN

3:45-4:15 Panel Discussion; Q & A – All Presenters
Moderated by: Jason Bosley-Smith, MS, LDN, CNS, FDN

4:15-4:30 Closing Remarks

4:30-5:00 Networking, Product Experience

Featured speakers will include:

Dr. Barrie Tan, PhD earned his doctorate in chemistry (University of Otago, New Zealand; 1979), and became a professor of chemistry and food science/nutrition (University of Massachusetts, Amherst; 1982-1992). His research expertise includes lipid-soluble nutrients (carotenoids, E vitamers, CoQ10, and omega-3s).He was the first to introduce tocotrienol’s benefits to the nutrition industry, and developed the first-ever tocopherol-free tocotrienol product derived from annatto. Today, his research focuses on lipid-soluble nutrients that impact chronic conditions. Dr. Tan is the senior editor of Tocotrienols: Vitamin E Beyond Tocopherols (2013), and continues to collaborate with numerous universities worldwide to further tocotrienol research.

Dr. Alex Capano, DNP, CRNP, FNP-BC earned her doctoral degree (DNP) at Thomas Jefferson University. She was the first doctoral candidate of any discipline who focused on cannabinoid science under the guidance of the Lambert Center for the Study of Medicinal Cannabis & Hemp at Thomas Jefferson University. Dr. Capano is a faculty member of the Lambert Center and a Senior Fellow in the Institute of Emerging Health Professions. She is currently conducting research on the effects of CBD oil on opioid use in chronic pain patients. Also, a nurse practitioner, Dr. Capano’s clinical focus includes primary care and sexual and reproductive medicine. Dr. Capano holds a BSN and MSN from the University of Pennsylvania as well as a BS in neuroscience from the University of Miami.

Dr. Chris Shade, PhD the creator of Quicksilver Scientific, is an industry thought-leader who has been collaborating with and informing health practitioners for more than a decade. Working to uncover the curative power of nature through the practice of modern science, he began his career in sustainability – including organic and biodynamic farming. He furthered his understanding of the role our environment plays in our health through his work with the Rodale Institute. He observed a depleted food system and saw supplements as a necessary addition to a healthy diet. Today, he continues to develop products that boost the power of nature through science, helping people on their journey to optimal health.

Rebecca Murray, APRN, FNP, MSN, CDE is a board-certified family nurse practitioner with over 30 years of experience as a nurse practitioner and over 20 years in functional medicine specializing in endocrinology and women’s health. She completed her BS in nursing from Columbia University and her Master’s degree in primary health care from the University of Rhode Island. She was an assistant clinical professor of nursing at Yale University for 21 years and medical director for CT Holistic and Integrative Medicine in Groton, CT for 15 years before moving to FL. She has now joined the functional medicine endocrine practice with Dr. Edwin Lee at the Institute for Hormonal Balance in Orlando, FL. She has been a practitioner training consultant for Designs for Health, Inc. since 2005 and enjoys lecturing at functional medicine conferences both nationally and internationally on women’s health and the functional medicine approach to evaluating and treating endocrine disorders.

Dr. Michael Jurgelewicz, DC, DACBN, DCBCN has been studying nutrition and wellness for the past 10 years. He has a B.S. degree in Health & Wellness, a B.S. degree in Anatomy, and is a Doctor of Chiropractic. He is Board Certified in Nutrition by the American Clinical Board of Nutrition, and a Diplomate of the Chiropractic Board of Clinical Nutrition. He is also active in continuing education through the Clinical Nutrition Certification Board. Dr. Jurgelewicz’s academic training and clinical experience in functional medicine position him as an authority in the management of a variety of chronic health conditions.


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