February 23-25, 2023  •  Hilton Midtown  •  New York, NY

Biocidin Botanicals™ Dentalcidin® Oral Care System: Oral Microbiome Toothpaste and Liposomal Rinse

New Product

More than just toothpaste and mouthwash, this two-step system is a Dentaceutical™ solution – impacting the health of teeth and gums and supporting whole-body health.

Dentalcidin® Oral Microbiome Toothpaste is a professional-strength, fluoride-free formulation that tackles plaque, whitens teeth, and freshens breath.

Dentalcidin® Liposomal Rinse utilizes liposomal technology to provide deeper support for periodontal and gingival health.*

Contact: Tisha Brady
Email: tisha.brady@biocidin.com

Phone: 1-831-786-9711
Booth# 221
Website: https://www.biocidin.com

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