February 20-22, 2025  •  Hilton Midtown  •  New York, NY


Dana Elia, DCN, MS, RDN, LDN, FAND

Dana M. Elia is an integrative and functional nutrition practitioner with over 28 years of clinical experience. Dr. Elia is the owner of Fusion Integrative Health and Wellness, LLC which was honored with the Best of Lancaster Award for the nutritionist category. She is currently a full-time nutrition faculty member at Maryland University of Integrative Health and adjunct faculty and curriculum developer at the University of Western States. Dr. Elia’s fervor and dedication for the power of food as medicine stems from her own personal health journey. She has battled autoimmune disease since childhood, a rare form of sarcoma and breast cancer. Genetic testing uncovered a rare mutation and subsequent diagnosis of Li Fraumeni Syndrome. Dr. Elia is the author of The Stem Cell Activation Diet and The Sugar Detox Diet for 50+. She loves hiking, camping at the Delaware seashore, traveling, scuba diving, and going on adventures with her rescued lab, Champ.


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